Would you like to have some original pictures from non-traditional places such as the air? Or are you working on more demanding project? We have what you need!

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What we´re able to do:

  • Tailor-made special projects (UAV, photogrammetry, GIS and 3D modeling)
  • Forestry, 
  • Agriculture
  • Landscape planning
  • Aerial photo and video (360 ° photo, little planet)
  • Footage of sporting events, excursions
  • Climbing, cross-country skiing, cycling, downhill, surfing, ...
Skitouring, Stubai, Austria
Skitouring, Stubai, Austria


  • Shooting sports events (skiing, surfing, climbing, ...)
  • Use of drone for 3D modelling
  • Creating virtual and reconstruction map using GIS and UAV data
  • Archaeological finds / historical foundations of buildings (old maps, ...)
  • Modeling rocky areas by drone - 3D models, climbing analyses
  • Precise agriculture - corn, strawberies, oranges
  • 3D modeling of different forest species/stands by UAV
  • Use of UAV for dendrometry/forestry
  • Mapping and analysis of forest fires
  • Mapping damage to corn from animals

Softwares: Arc GIS online, Arc Map, Agisoft Photoscan, Drone deploy, Pix4D, Sketchfab, ...

Type od data:

2D, 3D, densecloud, reports, orthophoto mosaic (actual), 3D models, DMR, ...

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